The Leeds Creative Family Tree is a not-for-profit project designed to both showcase the huge range of culture and creativity in our city and help the good folk of Leeds collaborate, research and find other like-minded creatives. The project is ongoing with all research and design work done for free, whilst the print is funded entirely through donations from the Leeds creative community.


Where can I find one?

From Spring 2017

The prints are available from Colours May Vary, Duke Studios, East Street Arts Union 105, and Hyde Park Book Club. From May 2017, the Hyde Park/Headingley prints will be available from Hyde Park Book Club.

The prints are free to take away, but as we receive no funding for this project if you’re feeling nice we’ll be collecting donations to help us continue and expand the project to other areas of the city.

Archive Copies

If you’re interested in receiving copies of previous versions of the Creative Family Tree, covering Quarry Hill, Sheepscar and Mabgate, please contact us on hello@creativefamilytree.co.uk. We will arrange to post you a copy in exchange for a small donation to the project.

What about the rest of Leeds?

When will this end?!

We hope to continue to map the creatives of Leeds, area by area over the coming years. All research and design is done in our spare time purely for the love of it, so please do bear with us. If you feel you can help us extend the project across the entire city, we'd love to talk to you. Please say hello on hello@creativefamilytree.co.uk.


We research each area thoroughly to ensure everyone is included, but we're not perfect! If you're involved in creative or cultural work in Leeds, and would like to request to be included on a future volume of the Family Tree, then please give us a shout on hello@creativefamilytree.co.uk.

Areas Covered

Central Leeds

Mabgate & Sheepscar

Hyde Park &

More Issues Are
On Their Way


This project has been created without any funding or support, other than that from the creatives of Leeds themselves. We’d like to thank the following individuals and organisations for supporting the project, in one way and another, since 2012:

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Sara Teresa, Sophie Jacques, Jack Simpson, Lydia Catterall, David Bell, Leeds College of Music, Antallis, Yorkshire Dance, Si Fogal & I Like Press, Red Ladder Theatre Company, We Love This, Keswick Film Festival, That Old Chestnut, Grub and Grog, Hand Drawn Pixels, Wave Media Productions, Engage Interactive, Gallery Munro House, Café 164, David Lindsay, Laura Wellington & Duke Studios, Phoenix Dance Theatre, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Hyde Park Picture House, David Laycock & Independent Leeds, Cluny Macpherson, Leanne Buchan, Alison Smith, Kendells Bistro, Dep Arts, Laand, Play House Costume Hire, Oblong Furniture, Elephant Marketing, Colours May Vary, The Pedallers' Arms, Quarry Hill Social, First Adapt, The Culture Vulture, Samuel Whiskas, James Baxter, Robert Lowe, Alan Cale, Isla Brown, Heather Iqbal, The Dance Studio Leeds, Dan Howarth, Beyond Guardian Leeds, Lee Goater, Chris Graham, Hollie Harkness-Gowers